The Interfascia user interface library for Processing

When writing graphics software in Java, most of the code is overhead required for setting up canvases and graphics contexts. It is difficult, therefore, for a beginning programmer to begin such a project and get encouraging results. Processing is a software package that makes graphics programming in Java easy by simplifying the graphics API calls and hiding advanced concepts like classes, objects, and double-buffered graphics.

Interfascia is a plug-in library for Processing that follows the same philosophy of making things easy for the programmer. It provides a toolkit of standard interface widgets like text fields, buttons, checkboxes and sliders, which can easily be hooked up to control the behavior of a program in Processing.

Interfascia screen shot

Interfascia was created by Brendan Berg and is no longer under active maintenance. It is released under the terms of the LGPL.

View Interfascia documentation or the source on Github.