The Museum of Lobby Art is an online index of extraordinary works of modern and contemporary art in New York building lobbies and plazas.

Corporate lobbies and outdoor plazas may not spring to mind when one thinks of venues for world-class modern and contemporary art, but many office workers walk some of the finests paintings and sculptures on the way to their desks every day.

The Museum of Lobby Art documents and catalogs outdoor sculptures and lobby installations by artists from Calder to Koons, Anatsui to Rydingsvard.

The privately-owned works in liminal spaces are in uneasy conversation with the public. Very often, works are behind turnstiles or otherwise barricaded from public access. Passers-by may be able to glimpse works through windows or behind guard desks but will rarely be permitted to view works up close. The Museum of Lobby Art hopes to draw attention to these partially-accessible works.

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